Do you have a character in an original fiction, or perhaps play one in an RPG or Sim? Are you looking to visually bring that character to life, something you can show your friends or refer your fellow gamers to?

Then look no further!

I can draw your character from the specifications you provide. I can handle requests regardless of the genre: Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery, Sci Fi, etc.

Choose from actually keeping the original (which is preferred. Even if it makes a nice addition to my portfolio, it's your character), or just receiving a Jpeg image file for online use.

 Style Content 8½x11 Orig
Art w/Jpeg
200 dpi
Jpeg only
 Pencil head shot US$25.00 US$15.00
 Pencil Body shot* US$40.00 US$24.00
 Pen & Ink Head shot US$50.00** US$30.00**
 Pen & Ink Body shot* US$80.00** US$48.00**
 Full Color Head shot Negotiable Negotiable
 Full Color Body shot* Negotiable Negotiable
*A body shot may be a static or action pose.
** Add US$10.00 for wash (tones instead of line art)
Please allow up to three weeks for the entire process, following completed transaction and final arrangements (including revisions where applicable); this isn't my day job.

Client is responsible for providing any written or visual (via URL) references. This includes clothing, species, facial, and other distinguishing characteristics, color, and so on. The more specs, the more I have to work with to make your dream come true. Otherwise, you rely on my style and discretion (which I assume you like anyway hehe).

Pencil commissions are entitled to one minor, revisional tweak.

Pen & Ink commissions get to view a pencil sketch for approval, and are entitled to one revisional tweak before embellishment.

Prices do not include shipping costs! All final prices and payment method are agreed upon via E-mail before any transactions are made. Note that exceptionally elaborate detail, esp in clothing, as well as requests for a background or more than one character, will cost additional. Again, it depends on the specifics.

All drawings must be paid for in advance.
No Exceptions.

Payment is accepted either as a Money Order via postal mail,
or via Credit Card or account transfer with Paypal.

I prefer PayPal for Credit Card Payments

You are buying the artwork, not the copyright. I still retain all copyright of artworks made and all rights along with it. In the condition of character copyright, the creator has rights to the character, but I still have the rights to the artwork or image.

For example, if you ask me to create a male elf and give me no other real description of this character, the character would be of my design, and I would retain full copyright. If the character is from a game or comic book, then that corporate entity or artist will have the character copyright. Your own character copyright would count if you provided me with a detailed description for your commission. I always include copyright statements within the artwork along with the signature.

You have the right to resell the artwork, just so long as you don't state or insinuate that the artwork is yours or modify it in any way, including alteration of the signature and copyrights. You may not mass produce it for sales. This means you may not copy and/or make prints to sell off, circulate, publish, or include said work(s) in a publication. You would have to negotiate with me for any publishing rights.

All customers are given JPEG images of the finished artwork. You do have the conditional right to display said artwork on your personal website, particularly if it was made for your RPG character or Sim. You may resize the image, but you may not crop it, particularly omitting the signature and credits. If you have requested a full body image, that is what you would display on your website. If you would like an additional headshot image be made from your commissioned piece, I can make one with the proper copyrights thereon for a nominal fee.

A link back to DD Galleries at must be included on the site where the image appears; you may use any one of several banners and buttons available for download.

Likewise, I have the right to display any custom illustrations in the Commissions Gallery section of this website.

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