So you wanna piece of me? Huh? HUH?

Gallery items on this page are for sale. It's possible that more items from my archive will be offered down the line, depending upon how this lot goes. Items are sent as is and unframed, but packed carefully when shipped. Each piece is hand-signed (note that several scans here have electronic signatures for the purpose of display). All purchasers must abide by the terms near the bottom of this page.

If you are interested in a piece of art, you can identify it by moving your mouse over the image and looking at the bottom status bar of your browser (it's just after the words "javascript:launch." For example: "Merlinout").

I, Holodoc is a website which offers an in-depth look into Star Trek's emergency medical holograms. Essays on the history of the EMH Mark I, and the suggested timeline in which Holographic Rights are defined in Federation Law, serve as the backstory for several character studies.

Giving credit where due: Actor Robert Picardo is revered for his roles as assorted EMH's and their creator Dr. Lewis Zimmerman on Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: First Contact, and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Since his visage was used for these drawings, I only thought it fitting to declare that a portion of sales to any of the I, Holodoc images will be donated to the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation.

Because I am my own worst critic, these didn't make the grade for inclusion. Maybe someone out there likes them more than me?

I published this zine from the mid-1980's through early 1990's. It was geared toward fans of DEVO. The few I'd known displayed similar tastes in music and senses of humor (Oingo Boingo, The Residents, SubGenius, Zippy the Pinhead, etc.), and I was convinced that a publication with that bent would serve to entertain them. It would be a tool to bring the obscure DEVO fan out of the woodwork and meet up with others of their ilk, perhaps unite them into an audible voice.

Lack of info - in part a conscious effort on behalf of radio stations and record labels. I hadn't expected any of them to know about BW, much less before its debut. But coincidences and common acquaintances hooked me up with Mark Mothersbaugh, who became my sole source of info on the band's comings and goings.

The serial comic appeared in just about each issue of BW under the pseudonym stEVE. All of these on display are for sale. Own a piece of devolved history!

You are buying the artwork, not the copyright. I still retain all copyright of artworks made and all rights along with it. In the condition of character copyright, the creator has rights to the character, but I still have the rights to the artwork or image. Copyright statements are always included within the artwork along with the signature.

You have the right to resell the artwork, just so long as you don't state or insinuate that the artwork is yours or modify it in any way, including alteration of the signature and copyrights.

You may not mass produce the purchased artwork for sales. Meaning: do not copy and/or make prints to sell off, circulate, publish, or include said work(s) in any publication. You would have to negotiate with me for publishing rights, including Internet/Website publishing. In the case of the image resembling that of another creator's characters, you would have to negotiate with them as well.

Prices do not include shipping costs! All final prices and payment method are agreed upon via E-mail before any transactions are made.

Payment is accepted either as a Money Order via postal mail,
or via Credit Card or account transfer with Paypal.

I prefer PayPal for Credit Card Payments

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