1. Download the graphic of your choice. Instructions are in the poppup window for each one.

  2. Link to the site by copying off this page the following code and pasting it on your webpage:

    <a href="http://www.ddgalleries.com/">
    <img src="filename.gif" border=0 alt="DD Galleries"></a>

  3. Change the "filename.gif" portion of the code to the actual filename of the graphic you have selected, typing it all in small letters.

  4. Upload the page with the code and the graphic file to your webspace, and voila!


Click for
download instructions
ddgbanner1.gif   size 468x60 (5.3kb)

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download instructions
ddgbanner2.gif   size 468x60 (7kb)

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download instructions
ddgbannerani.gif   size 468x60 (12kb)


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download instructions
 size 88x31 (2kb)
Click for
download instructions
 size 88x31 (3.7kb)

Important: Please download the file and use the code as instructed. Do not link directly to the files on this site. Translinking steals the bandwidth quota of a hosted page, and Bandwidth Theft may be subject to the termination of a culprit's Internet services.

Text Link

A hyperlink is very easy to create. Simply copy the following code and paste it into your writing:

<a href="http://www.ddgalleries.com/">DD Galleries</a>

The end result will be this: DD Galleries . Of course, font style, font size, and link color will vary according to your own page's settings.

Thank you for spreading the word about DD Galleries!

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